The Ultimate List of 5 Fun, useful Summer Activities for Your Kids

The Ultimate List of 5 Fun, useful Summer Activities for Your Kids

kids activities

kids activities – with the school year wrapping up, Summer Vacation is this time of the year every kid awaits impatiently. Consequently, parents also need a rest from all the studying and following up process hassle. However, let’s be realistic here: time with no new things learned is a waste you don’t want for your little ones.

So, instead of sleeping on the couch all summer, here’re 5 activities-based learning and fun-led workshops to improve your kids’ talents and skills:


Kids activities: Reading – Improving Communication:

Kids activities

Inculcating the reading habit in kids can be a challenging task as it grows boring for them after spending their school time reading and studying. And here comes your challenge with how to revive the excitement they lose along the way. Don’t worry you have it covered, just try to begin with interesting, adventurous tales and then start discussing it to get them engaging with the story events.

At Andalusia Summer Clubs, we’ve gathered some of the most fun and educational books awaiting your kids to join us with friends of their age.


 Kids activities: language Courses – Improving Linguistic Skills:


Early language and communication skills are crucial for children’s success in school and beyond. First, make sure your kid is capable of expressing his feelings in his mother tongue. Then, you have to pay extra attention to the second language his\her school teaches him\her.

However, you could use the summer time to enroll him in any academy or course and don’t forget that as much as the development of language skills in young children is a complex process, it’s also a fascinating skill when polished.


Kids activities: sports Activities – Physical & Mental Development:

Kids activities

The most important contribution of sports for children is not limited to the physical enhancement but mostly it’s one of the easiest tools for mental development, as well.

Embrace the sporting lifestyle in your kid by getting him to join different types of sports each summer vacation. Thus, we offer Yoga sessions and fitness activities with qualified specialists at Andalusia for Kids Wellness center.


Kids activities: independent Activities Build Self-Steam:

Your kid will always be your little baby; however, self-confidence plays a major role in a growing child. Consequently, workshops and kids’ clubs can become a kids’ window to form new friendships and boost their social life which in return would make them see themselves more trustworthy and valuable.

Let your kid discover those quality traits by joining activities & exercises that could transform his\her entire life.


Talents-Based Workshops – Discover & Develop Multiple Skills:

Kids activities

Various arts and crafts are ways for children to encourage creativity, organizing, and develop many talents and skills. From that concept comes your role as a parent to support your kids’ development by signing them up for multiple workshops and activities such as painting, playing music, and handmade crafts.

Too much thinking and searching?! Don’t give up we have your back at Andalusia For Kids Wellness center with lots of various workshops such as:


  • Accessories Making Workshop

It’s important to give kids the tools to be creative from an early age. Being part of these activities, your kid will learn to measure, choose, and organize the available material to be used for the final product.

With a more imaginative and fulfilling life, we ensure you; your kids would feel more productive when wearing something created with their own little hands.


  • Recycling Workshop

Making something useful and beautiful out of materials we have on hand is a powerful message to build in your kids. Therefore, the recycling workshops would allow your kid to play one of the most useful games of saving, matching and sorting old materials while having fun.


  • Glass Painting Workshop

During this workshop, kids will get to learn how to use liners and draw on the glass with different color combinations which can be used in some school and fun future projects.

At Andalusia For Kids Wellness glass isn’t harmful, it’s beyond powerful 😀


  • Acrylic Art Workshop

Aiming to put the child on the first steps to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking, the workshop teaches kids how to use the simple acrylic colors to reach the consistency of the art piece. In the process, your kid will get to improve the visual ability and release negative emotions.


  • Decoupage Workshop

Using the unique decorative technique that involves using household materials and scraps of paper with glue to create something beautiful, the decoupage workshop will increase your kids’ cognitive thinking and level of focus while becoming creators who have the entrepreneurship spirit in their hearts.



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