Dr. Sara El-Homosany

Dr. Sara El-Homosany

Ophthalmologist Consultant

Certificates & Experience:


- Bachelor of Medicine, Alexandria University.

- Master of Ophthalmology, Alexandria University.

- MD in Ophthalmology, Alexandria University.

- She passed the USMLE medical license in 2015.

- She holds a FRCS in the UK (England and Ireland).

- She Conducted 600 child repair operations, 400 white face removal operations and 100 eyeball repair operations.

- She has Experience in treating children with disabilities and laparoscopic retinal screening.




- vision examination.

- Treatment of strabismus in children.

- Treatment of lazy eye in children.

 - Treatment of vision problems of children with disabilities.,

- Early examination of newborns.

- Fundoscopy.

- IOP examination.

- Retinal Laparoscopy and follow-up of retinal diseases.

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