Psychology Clinic

Kids mental health is a reflection of the parent’s peace of mind. Thus, our Psychology Clinic’s services are not limited for examination and helping kids only, but also, for the parents. We offer full support to help the families come through crisis stronger. In addition to, providing knowledge and tools that help them perform their parenting roles easily in the best possible way.

Some of the Major Challenges Parents Face:


  • For Children:

- Child behavior assessment.

- Giving consultations for mothers about dealing with a stubborn or angry child.

- Techniques for treatment of kids with Urinary incontinence.

- Treatment of Hyperactivity, Lack of concentration and Distraction.

- Support for children who go through parental divorce.

- Treatment of psychological and behavioral issues.

- Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder and referral to the Autism-Specialized clinic.

·        For Parents

- Provide psychological counseling for parents.

- Treatment of family tension between spouses.

- Solving problems related to separation and divorce.

- Providing awareness sessions to deal with problems.

- Advise the best ways to deal with children and their behaviors.

- The best modern and safe methods of education to build up a stable person.

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