Pediatric E.N.T Clinic

Due to the weakness of their immune system at their young age, the most common diseases affecting children are frequent colds, ear infections, which occur as a result of colds and flu. However, there are many ear infections that occur to children due to hyperactivity at that age, such as the entry of foreign bodies in the ears. Therefore, the ENT clinic is equipped with the most advanced techniques to treat the nose, ear and throat of children under the supervision of the best physicians and specialists.

Services provided by our clinic:

·         Ear wash.

·         Removing excess wax by microscope.

·         Treatment of nasal bleeding.

·         Discharging external ear abscess.

·         Removal of foreign objects in ear, nose and throat.

·         Treatment on nasal bleeding.

·         Discharging external ear abscess.

·         Installation of anterior fill in the nose.

·         Installation of the anterior fill the external ear in case of ear infections.

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