Occupational Therapy Clinic

Occupational therapy is the medical art of helping kids when a health problem affects their ability to function. Therefore, our therapists help the little ones learn how to perform tasks of daily life such as eating, bathing, playing with others, and writing.

Seeing children with a wide range of conditions and abilities, our occupational therapists develop a plan of care tailored for your child as they work closely with their doctors.


·        Develop the skills needed to function appropriately.

·        Develop visual skills (Tracking object, hand-eye coordination)

·        Treatment of cognitive delays (problem-solving skills, memory, and attention)

·        Helping kids with sensory integration issues.

·        Treatment for delays in play, social interaction skills, and basic self-care skills.

·        Develop basic skills for kids with special conditions such as Autism, down syndrome and Cerebral palsy.

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