Autism \ ABA

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of every 160 children suffers from Autism. Thus, it’s advised that kids with symptoms of autism spectrum disorder have to undergo some tests to detect Autism at an early stage and provide an appropriate treatment plan accordingly. Supervised by a group of the best physicians in the Kingdom, our Autism clinic use the latest international treatment methods such as the Applied Behavior Analysis programs "ABA", which is supported by the skills and activities and other workshops offered by Andalusia for Kids Wellness.

Our Services:

·         Application of the behavioral analysis program, which includes analyzing the behavior of each child separately and then incorporating it with a group of children and monitoring their behavior.

·         Assess the behaviors of children that need to be modified.

·         Provide plans for parents to help modify the behavior of the child and holding monthly meetings to discuss the child’s situation.

·         Assessment of the language and written skills of the child through specific curriculum.

·         Develop a special program to develop the skills of children with autism or any disabilities to meet their needs.

·         Providing Stanford Pinnacle IQ test which is based on an assessment of 5 factors that cause mental retardation of children

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