Speech therapy Clinic

Andalusia for Kids Wellness Center offers one of the best clinics in Jeddah that includes a number of experienced doctors, specializing in the treatment of communication difficulties and problems for children of all ages. The clinic also provides a comprehensive support for parents to cooperate in the treatment of their child. It is normal for a child to utter a few words in the first year and then move to a larger number. Then, in his third year he can make a sentence and ask simple questions. If he does not, it’s an indication of speech difficulties. Thus, parents should consult the doctor at an early stage and get a psychosocial treatment with the help of a speech therapist to enhance the kids’ language and expressions.

Services provided by our clinic:

·        Diagnosis and treatment of speech delay in children.

·        Training children to swallowing function and use correct pronunciation techniques.

·        Helping kids express their emotions and feelings.

·        Treatment for learning difficulties whether it’s in the reading or the writing.

·        Treatment of delayed speech for children with Down syndrome or special disabilities.

·        Treatment of delayed speech in bilingual children.

·        Offering breathing exercises to help kids’ breath safely and correctly.

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