Pediatric Nutrition clinic

With the rate of overweight children in Saudi Arabia reaching 40%, Andalusia Kids Wellness center provides one of the best Nutrition and GIT clinics in the kingdom specialized only in children’s health. We provide a comprehensive medical examination to calculate the body mass index and decide what your child needs of vitamins and minerals. With great expertise, we offer tailored diet plans for healthy body growth and medications for abdominal pain and related diseases.




·        Calculation of body mass index to determine the healthy weight of the child.

·        Treatment for celiac disease.

·        Providing healthy food programs for children.

·        Provide treatment programs for overweight and obesity.

·        Provide nutritional programs for infant weaning.

·        Treatment of digestive problems of children.

·        Treatment of intestinal influenza, diarrhea and constipation.

·        Treatment of Iron deficiency anemia.

·        Treatment for abdominal pain.

·        Nutrition programs for picky eater.

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