Pediatrician Clinic

Pediatrician Clinic

The mission of the Wellness clinic is to improve the health of children and adolescents in the community by providing Premium healthcare. No matter what brings a child into the Clinic, you can count on receiving quality care in a fun and friendly environment.

To ensure the best possible care, we encourage parents to schedule regular check-ups for their child to help early detection of diseases or preventing diseases. Having a visit to the clinic establishes your child’s care and gives you full access to all of the clinic services.

Services & Treatments provided by our clinic:
  • Examination and follow-up of newborns
  • Vaccination services for all ages
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Diaper rash
  • Hepatitis treatment
  • Bone diseases and deformities
  • Rheumatic heart disease
  • Neonatal jaundice diagnosis and follow up
  • Asthma and chronic cough treatment
  • Digestive diseases’ treatment (Constipation – Diarrhea – Vomiting)
  • Respiratory diseases’ treatment (Pneumonia – Bronchitis)
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Monitor your kid’s nutrition, growth, and development with the best pediatric consultants.

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